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  • A few years back After The Sky Fell ⬅️➡️🥞 -» 🎥: @nimbus_independent • @jeffwright @dakine_ski #bentchetler
  • Light’s good. Do anything... -» 📸: @petermorning • @mammothmountain
  • Mom getting a few laps in between the little mans nap time -» Rock Creek, Ca. • @kimmyfasani
  • Nothing beats drawing lines down a mountain 👨🏻‍🎨⛰ -» 🎥: @tylerjhamlet • @atomicski #bentchetler
  • This guy 🐻💙✨ -» Photo: @blattphoto
  • Very thankful to get some summer laps at the Cliff before hitting the road again -» Tioga, Ca • 📸: @dacouncilman
  • One of my favorite Pemby backcountry pat-downs. Looking forward to catching some hang time in NZ next month -» 📸: @adammoran • @dragonalliance
  • Not my best filming, but quite possibly one of EP’s - @nimbus_independent -best explodeo performances to date. See his angle on his page -» #gopro #hewasaherothatday @dakine_ski
  • Quite possibly my favorite rock climb in Tuolumne -» Tuolumne Meadows, Ca.

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Pro Models


GoPro: Chasing AdVANture with Chris Benchetler in 4K

GoPro Ski: Chasing El Niño with Chris Benchetler – Ep. 1 "California’s Comeback"

GoPro Ski: Chasing El Niño with Chris Benchetler - Ep. 2 "It's Always Cloudy in British Columbia"

GoPro Ski: Chasing El Niño with Chris Benchetler - Ep. 3 "The Meltdown"

GoPro Ski: Chasing El Niño with Chris Benchetler - Ep. 4 "The Sierra Trifecta"

GoPro HERO6: This Is the Moment in 4K

GoPro: Japan Snow - The Search for Perfection in 4K

The Van


  • Been traveling away from the van for a bit. Can’t wait to get back on the Eastside for more of this -» 📸: @blattphoto
  • More quality camping and skiing on the Eastside with the family -» Tioga, Ca.
  • Base camp -» Bishop, Ca.
  • Hard to beat this time of year in the Sierra. Spring corn shooshing, camping, and climbing with friends -» Bishop, Ca • @chrisbenchetler @kimmyfasani @tylerjhamlet @acpictures @brodyleven @matty.raw @gopro
  • Newest addition to the family and the marmot, Koa John. We bolted a plate to the existing bench seat hole patterns, attached seat belt connectors via climbing bolts, and padded each side of the plate with a recycled Yoga matt. Easily removable via the 4 bolts once we are at our camping destinations.
  • Just got a mega upgrade from @2920sleep. We had some freezing foam issues and a hard time finding low VOC materials until these guys came along. If you’ve struggled for a good van mattress solution hit these guys up. You’ll be psyched! -» Mammoth Lakes, Ca • @2920sleep
  • Testing the baby hammock set up with @reese_the_explorer anticipating our new addition to the family. We used 4 climbing bolts attached to the steel frame -» Mammoth Lakes, Ca.
  • Tune in on @chrisbenchetler ‘s insta story in 10 minutes for a live stream/ walk through of the van with @atomicski -» Snow Basin, Utah.
  • Welcome back winter. Keep it coming! -» @mammothmountain

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The Van


Chris, a California native grew up skiing Mammoth Mountain, which was home to one of the first snowboard parks in the Nation. By virtue of his surroundings and peers he was heavily influenced by snowboarding and art, which seemed to shape him into one of the more stylish skiers out there. Caring more about how a ski turns and glides through the snow, led Chris into designing and developing his own pro model ski with Atomic; The Bent Chetler. “I try to have my ski be an extension of me, and try to look at the mountain as one continuous line, instead of compartmentalizing it into one single cliff or air.”

His art and designs have also made it on other signature pieces for Dakine, Dragon, Reef, and Clif Bar. Including his most recent art endeavor of painting a 70ft mural with Skye Walker, on the side of the EVO store in Seattle, WA. Starting his career competing in slope-style, he shortly after met the film crew Poorboyz Productions, and realized he could ski powder full time. He quickly bailed on the contest scene and started chasing his true passion; deep snow and creativity.

Now Chris is known for traveling the world and skiing in front of a camera. Between creating the GoPro Series ‘Chasing El Nino’ and followed by the series ‘Chasing AdVANture’ plus multiple other edits for GoPro’s channels, he has also played a roll in starting Nimbus Independent, a production company founded in 2008 by Eric Pollard with help from Chris, Pep Fujas and Andy Mahre. In addition, he has been featured in films with Teton Gravity Research, Sweet Grass Productions, Warren Miller, MSP and Poorboyz Productions.

Jokingly tormented during the summer for his passion for surfing and love of climbing, he tries to stay close to home in California as much as possible where he is at peace in the mountains and in striking distance to the sea.