Paradisal Transcendence



Size: 18" x 24" - 250 Limited Release: - Hand signed and numbered - Giclee Print on Breathing Color Elegance Watercolor Paper. Printed Locally in California.

A painting depicting both the mountains, and the souls we’ve lost to them—combining elements that have driven my art since the beginning.

This piece is a tribute to my mentors. Old Man Winter is the animating force behind my art and my life; representing my father’s soul and spirit ever present in the mountains. The other faces, the eagle, the gift-bearing hands—each represents an adventurer in whose tracks I follow, sometimes literally. The holes created by their loss can only be filled through celebration and remembrance.

Supporting community loss is a collective effort. We grieve the losses, present and past. This artwork honors our friends and heroes, and hopes to transcend grief by communing with spirit.

A print also representing my genesis piece on SuperRare.