Where the trail ends...and the fly fishing begins » #onlyidontfish #mandatoryicebath #feedyouradventure - from CB Instagram Reel

Only managed to go over the bars once today... Stoked to be back on some bike adventures with my Mrs. and personal photog @kimmyfasani » #whereswaldo - from CB Instagram Reel

My favorite way to spend these long spring days. The Sierra Trifecta » Full episode in profile • #chasingelniño #GoPro - from CB Instagram Reel

Good times and a solid crew for the trifecta. Episode 4 is in my profile » Photo: @foxonarock • #chasingelniño #discoverthebackland #feedyouradventure - from CB Instagram Reel

I had an amazing time filming my #chasingelniño series with @skichef this season » There's an epilogue of all the episodes at the end of episode 4 {Link in bio}. Or you can watch the whole series of course. Either way let me know what you think, and hopefully I can convince #GoPro to help us do another series for you next year!! Thanks for all the help and support in making this happen » @kimmyfasani @skichef @_smithmade_ @bryanwfox @nickmcnutt @foxonarock @jossiwells @nimbusindpndnt @atomicski @dragonalliance @dakine @mammothmountain @evolfoods @cepcompression @clifbarcompany @evo @backcountryaccess @feiyutech #motherearth and of course @gopro !! - from CB Instagram Reel

Episode 4 is live! Stoked to have @jossiwells join me on an epic adventure through the Eastern Sierra » The Sierra Trifecta « Link is in my profile. Thanks for all the help and good times @skichef @foxonarock @_smithmade_ • #chasingelniño #GoPro @atomicski @dragonalliance - from CB Instagram Reel

Tomorrow we drop in to our 4th and final episode of the Chasing El Niño series. Link will be live at 6am PST on the #GoPro YouTube. Hope you dig it! » The Sierra Trifecta • #chasingelniño #feedyouradventure #scheelite - from CB Instagram Reel